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EnviroShield Products

Shipping & Returns

Terms: Net 30 days, payment must be in US dollars
Enviro Shield Products Inc.™ reserves the right to change construction, specifications, prices and terms without notice, and without obligation as to products already shipped.

Shipping Policy
Enviro Shield Products Inc.™ will ship freight using the best shipper. We reserve the right to change shippers.

Returned Goods Policy
Enviro Shield Products Inc.™ builds containments to the customers specifications and will not accept the return of merchandise unless duly authorized by us. Additional deductions may be made after inspection. Credit will not be allowed for merchandise damaged in transit nor will we accept the return of unsold merchandise after one year.

Broken Packages
Shipment will be made in unit packages only. We reserve the right to change the quantities of an order to conform to standard packages.

All orders are subject to acceptance by Enviro Shield Products Inc.™, Sturgis, SD.

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