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Spill Containment Rentals

Why Rent?

  • No need to find storage for your PSPD’s
  • No need to pay your employees to repair or transport the PSPD’s
  • Renting keeps you up to date with the latest technological advances in PSPD’s
spill prevention

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Rental Size

Standard sizes (foam filled 4” berm)
  • 12'x 50' x 4"
  • 12’ x 25’ x 4”
  • 12’ x 18’ x 4”
  • 5’ x 18’ x 4”
  • 6’ x 10’ x 4”

Rub sheets included with rental prices (to be used under all rental containments)

40 Mil
  • Rapid rise 4” or 6” side wall
Berms & PSPDs

Benefits of Renting Containments

When you rent from Enviro Shield Products, Inc. we will take care of all the setup, take down, clean up and any necessary repairs so you can stay focused on the job. We have all the equipment needed to properly place your containments or PSPD’s out before your equipment is on site. Also, we will come and repair the PSPD’s at no cost to you. Here at Enviro Shield Products, Inc. we are the manufacture of the PSPD’s so there’s no middle man to deal with. Competitors cannot compare to our pricing structure and quality of our containments. When it’s time to rig down and move Enviro Shield Products, Inc. will move your PSPD’s for you, and make sure they are clean and ready to for the next job. Need Frac sand cleanup we can do that too! No need to waste your employee’s valuable time doing all this just hire us!

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