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EnviroShield Products

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Oil Spill Protection and Containment

We continually test and re-engineer our products for supreme effectiveness.
Our spill containment devices are being used throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.



Spill Prevention

Designed to contain small leaks and drips and yet be portable. Spill Prevention Devices are made of Polyester reinforced urethane. This product is cold crack rated to -65 degrees below zero and a thermal temperature of 220 degrees.

spill kits


While prevention is the best way to address oil leaks and spills, it is not always possible. Sorbents provide yet another method of minimizing the negative impacts of everything from small leaks to major oil spills.

Hose Protection, Insulated Hose Cover

Custom Covers

Our insulated covers protect your equipment from damage and prevent cold weather spills. Enviro Shield Products insulated hose covers and pipe covers protect hoses and pipes.

Protect Your Home Investment

Protecting your home investment, including your garage, is important. Our products will protect your flooring from salt and chemicals, keeping your family safe from slipping as well as clean.

With the absorbent drive-on pad, it helps keeps the mess down as well.

Pet Oxygen Mask kits donations

"What is love?

I use to ask myself that question, but ever since I founded the Emma Zen Foundation I've been surrounded by it.

This February let me share a story of Shane & Leann Herman. Owners of Enviro Shield Products in Sturgis, South Dakota and makers of our Piggy Pools over at Baby Banks and The Zen Zoo. Donates 2 Pet Oxygen Masks Kits per pool sold during all of 2018. And we sold a lot of pools!

Our foundation was contacted by Alameda County Fire Department with a request for 75 kits. ($5,625.00) and their request was made possible by Shane & Leann and Enviroshield.

Did we sell that many pig pools?! Well, about 2/3rds of it and the rest is well sort of a Birthday Gift to Shane's Valentine Lady. The gift is given "In Memory" of Jack Herman! The most beloved dog in their lives.

What is Love? It is watching love heal. It is watching grief do magic. It is witnessing support from the heart.

I am so fortunate to stand in this place and observe. To watch great people, do good things. To be a small part of making a huge difference in someone's life. Whether either party ever knows about and I am most grateful to call Shane my friend."

Debra Jo Chaipuzio / President
Emma Zen Foundation

Jack at Play!
75 Pet Oxygen Mask kits for Alameda County Fire Department
Shane and Leann Herman.
 Jack at Rest.

About Enviro Shield Products, Inc.

Twenty-one years ago I felt challenged to go beyond what was available in the secondary containment market. I knew there was a demand for a better containment product, and held the conviction that it could be delivered on a mass scale that would better the lives of all those working in the industry.

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