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About Enviro Shield Products, Inc.

We've Got You Covered!

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At Enviro Shield Products, Inc., we are driven to provide superior spill prevention solutions that save our client’s investment.

Our zeal for offering our knowledge of protection to the greater community began more than two decades ago all the way up in the northernmost region of our country: Alaska.

The Beginning: The Portable Spill Prevention Device

Twenty-one years ago I felt challenged to go beyond what was available in the secondary containment market. I knew there was a demand for a better containment product, and held the conviction that it could be delivered on a mass scale that would better the lives of all those working in the industry.

Enter my invention: The Portable Spill Prevention Device. The Portable Spill Prevention Device, or PSPD for short, was the fulfillment of my journey towards the creation of a truly terrific, superior secondary containment product. The PSPD was a game changer, allowing for the use of the most durable material and manufacturing processes available.

In fact, Enviro Shield Products, Inc. now delivers a host of specialty products that cater to a wide gamut of clients in need of:

  • Secondary containment
  • Vehicle protection
  • Covers and liners
  • Tank protection
  • Wind walls
  • Sorbents
  • Spill kits

No matter whether you’re an oil company supplier, a main oil field provider, emergency services, or consumer, Enviro Shield Products, Inc.'s got you covered. While we owe our start to the United States, our reach has grown to encompass Italy, Africa, and Belize, all thanks to the quality of the lifelong relationships we’ve built in Alaska.

The Enviro Shield Products, Inc. Difference

Our mantra is to provide the best customer service and greatest protection of property to all our clients. We’re dedicated to transparency, because we understand that one of the most important aspects of living a fulfilling life is to teach and inspire. As such, we’re steadfast in sharing our knowledge

Enviro Shield's also different because we don't deal with distributors. There’s no need for you to worry over the hassle of middle men and mark-ups. Instead, when you work with EnviroShield, you have the peace-of-mind of knowing you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer.

In memory of mom and dad

bob and Sharon harley
Bob and Sharon wedding

Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E Herman and Sharon G. Herman (Ness)

Community Involvement

It isn’t all about money, however. I run Enviro Shield Products, Inc. with the loving memory of my mother, father, brother, and sister close to my heart each day. That’s why we’re a company profoundly invested in community involvement.

Currently, we enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Emma Zen Foundation, working directly with Deborah Joe. For every textured liner we sell, the proceeds allow us to ensure a pet rescue mask goes to a fire department or first responder in the United States. These masks help deliver oxygen to pets suffering from smoke asphyxiation during home fire emergencies.

Want to learn more about the Enviro Shield Products, Inc. difference? We’d love to chat with you today.

Emma Zen foundation
Baby banks

Piggy Pools!

Pigs Get Hot! Much hotter than your dog so cooling is a necessity and mud (natures sunscreen) and a house pig just don't mix to well. The answer to how to keep a pig cool? POOLS!
Your pool purchase helps support pig rescue and pet saves!

To purchase your own Piggy Pool, visit

pig containment

Pet Oxygen Mask kits donations

"What is love?

I use to ask myself that question, but ever since I founded the Emma Zen Foundation I've been surrounded by it.

This February let me share a story of Shane & Leann Herman. Owners of Enviro Shield Products in Sturgis, South Dakota and makers of our Piggy Pools over at Baby Banks and The Zen Zoo. Donates 2 Pet Oxygen Masks Kits per pool sold during all of 2018. And we sold a lot of pools!

Our foundation was contacted by Alameda County Fire Department with a request for 75 kits. ($5,625.00) and their request was made possible by Shane & Leann and Enviroshield.

Did we sell that many pig pools?! Well, about 2/3rds of it and the rest is well sort of a Birthday Gift to Shane's Valentine Lady. The gift is given "In Memory" of Jack Herman! The most beloved dog in their lives.

What is Love? It is watching love heal. It is watching grief do magic. It is witnessing support from the heart.

I am so fortunate to stand in this place and observe. To watch great people, do good things. To be a small part of making a huge difference in someone's life. Whether either party ever knows about and I am most grateful to call Shane my friend."

Debra Jo Chaipuzio / President
Emma Zen Foundation

Jack at Play!
75 Pet Oxygen Mask kits for Alameda County Fire Department
Shane and Leann Herman.
 Jack at Rest.

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