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EnviroShield Products

Protection For Different Industries

Oilfield Industry

Our universal, oil-only, spill kits can handle a range of spill volumes. We offer kits to manage spills from three to ninety-five gallons. We’ve worked with our friends in the oilfield industry across North America, Canada, and abroad for more than 20 years. 

Custom Containment

Enviro Shield Products, Inc. is one of the only companies that can handle custom orders that provide a wide variety of services from trailer side curtains to portable steel prevention devices.


Our interest in serving the specialized needs of families everywhere has led us to start a brand new manufacturing facility. Families can rely on our products for added protection of their investments.

Emergency & Safety

We cherish our collaboration with police, fire, and sheriff’s departments, providing each the safety and environmental products they need to continue their outstanding work in the community.


Transportation professionals rely on EnviroShield’s expertise for truck tarps and insulated vehicle curtains. Our industry-leading material is manufactured with strength and durability. We supply vehicle covers for trucks and motorcycles, tool covers, and custom covers.

Call us today at 1-877-268-0320 or email

No matter whether you’re an oil company supplier, a main oil field provider, emergency services, or consumer, EnviroShield’s got you covered.

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