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EnviroShield Products

Emergency & Safety

At Enviro Shield Products, Inc., we cherish our collaboration with police, fire, and sheriff’s departments, providing each of these instrumental public good entities in the emergency & safety space with the safety and environmental products they need to continue their outstanding work in the community.

We supply these departments across the country with spill kits that serve to ensure that occupants are protected and that any potential hazardous fluids are prevented from egressing into the environment. Spill kits that carry the sublime manufacturing quality offered by Enviro Shield Products, Inc. are particularly crucial to local fire, police, and emergency departments, as these are first response squads that rely on such crucial gear to carry out their imperative, potentially life-saving services.

Enviro Shield Products, Inc. spill kits are a full line of absorbent products that manage and clean spills both large and small. Our spill kits are universal, and range in size from three gallon to ninety-five gallon overpack kits that can quite literally “save the day” in the event of an oil, fuel, or chemical spill. Best of all, our spill kits are mobile enough that local police, highway patrolmen, and more can easily transport them to hazard sites in short order.

Take for example one superb choice for our nation’s first responders: our 15-gallon spill kits. Enviro Shield Products, Inc. 15-gallon spill kit is magnificently-suited for Emergency & Safety efforts, and comes fully equipped with 15 oil absorbent pads, two pillows, 20’ of 3” Boom, protective gloves, disposal bag, protective goggles, and one reusable custom waterproof bag. That’s a heck of a bundle in a small and portable package, and it’s perfect for first response professionals.

Our spill kits and related materials are uniquely suited for emergency & safety industry needs. Learn more about Enviro Shield Products, Inc. Emergency & Safety options.

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