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EnviroShield Products

Oilfield Industry

Major oil companies have relied on Enviro Shield for superior products for over 20 years.

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At Enviro Shield Products, Inc., we’ve worked with our friends in the oilfield industry across North America, Canada, and abroad for more than twenty years. We’ve developed some incredible relationships along the way, and our customer retention rate is superb. But the truth is—some of our customers have looked into other options and bought from another supplier.

Here’s the kicker, though: We understand that customers in the oilfield industry are always going to make savvy decisions, and part of that is investigating the competition. Other containment suppliers lose customers from time to time, as well. The difference with Enviro Shield Products, Inc.? Our customers all come back.

It isn’t difficult to understand why our oilfield industry friends and clients end up sticking with Enviro Shield Products, Inc. We always keep an eye on what those other companies are working on, and we pride ourselves on being ten years ahead of the competition in manufacturing. We have a distinct, secret manner in which we design and apply our material technology, and it’s this leveraging of advanced manufacturing techniques that keeps our oilfield industry clients with us for the long haul.

Our complete, robust line of environmentally sound spill containment devices are all patented, and have been continually re-engineered and rigorously tested to ensure that each is as state-of-the-art and cutting-edge as the day it was originally conceived. Enviro Shield Products, Inc., products are perfect for such a demanding industry—they excel in even the most extreme usage and weather conditions. We offer sorbents that cater to most every spill situation, and professional-grade spill kits that run the gamut in use cases.

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