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EnviroShield Products


Enviro Shield Products, Inc. manufactures and repairs products pivotal to the transportation industry.

Transportation professionals have become comfortable in relying on EnviroShield’s expertise for years. This is because our sand tarps and insulated vehicle tarp curtains are industry-leading and manufactured with strength and durability as paramount considerations.

Enviro Shield Products, Inc. trailer covers are constructed using 28oz. 33mil KeElvaloy reinforced Vinyl. We can even incorporate your company’s name on each trailer cover, offering a well-placed splash of customization that doubles as an effective advertisement mechanism.

Enviro Shield Products, Inc.tool box restraints are incredible for ensuring safety on-the-go, and provide a durable, reliable way to secure your tool boxes.

Enviro Shield Products, Inc. load restraints are engineered to exacting specifications, providing you with peace-of-mind when you’re watching the miles pass by out on the road with heavy cargo in tow. This is because our load restraints easily slip over your truck bed’s load and fasten tightly down, preventing any significant shifting of your truck’s load along your journey.


We’re experts at repairs, too. Our contacts in the transportation industry frequently turn to us when they need tarp repair. Grain tarps? We can repair and replace in short order. Fertilizer tarps? We can have a replacement custom designed for you, ready for use on your fertilizer truck when and where you need it, and manufactured to a standard superior to what “the other guy” can muster up.

Whether you’re in the cabin or riding a hog, our truck and motorcycle products are peerless in their construction and reliability. And perhaps best of all is the manner in which we conduct business with all our transportation customers and friends from varying industries—with a direct, one-to-one approach that cuts out annoying middlemen and outside distributors. At Enviro Shield Products, Inc., we’re able to do this for our transportation customers thanks to the fact that we’re the manufacturer and the distributor. No muss, no fuss, and certainly no haggling required.

Whether you’re in the market for a trailer side curtain, load restraint, fertilizer tarp, or something else entirely, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re receiving only the best, and at the best possible price. Check out our product catalog for more.

Truck Covers

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